Epilogue (that feel when no TL)

The ending of this epilogue really doesn’t make any sense.

Download the last chapter on mediafire or on #sakugara by typing !SnS26  in the chatbox.

Or you can download the whole volume 02 with all the corrections ‘n shit here.

Thanks to tashi (TL) and Dante (QC) from Sakugara scanlations and to SoBeta, Empireo and Cozmo (QC) from #soranowoto.

Special thanks

Translation: Anonymous (chapters 14-20), tashi (chapters 21-end)

Cleaning: steenuil (chapters 14-20 & 23-end), Serghar (chapter 21-22)

Typesetting: steenuil (chapters 14-end), Serghar (chapter 24)

Quality Check: Dante (chapters 21-end), Cozmo (chapter 24 & 26), Empireo (chapter 24 & 26), Warboss (chapter 24), SoBeta (chapter 25-26), zaffers (chapter 25)

The hilarious gif on this post: Warboss

Thanks to the author, Futami Sui (双見酔) for writing and drawing such a nice manga.

And thank you. Seeing the download count on mediafire rise is pretty nice.

See you the next manga.

Gran finale

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It’s been almost one year but this is finally over. It’s kind of sad. Maybe I’ll delay the epilogue by another few months to make up for it.

Download it from mediafire or from #sakugara by typing in !SnS25.

Thanks to tashi (translation) and Dante (QC) from Sakugara scanlations and SoBeta and zaffers (QC) from #soranowoto.

I’ll wrap this up soon with the Epilogue, and I’ll check the first few chapters for errors and stuff and release a second volume batch, and after that I’ll either keep searching for a translator or join a scanlation group. I wanted to finish scanlating Acony next, and I’ll try to do what I can to actually do it. I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did.

SnS chapter 23

And now for the chapter you’ve all been waiting for: the hot springs chapter! It’s a nice change of pace and it was a walk in the park to clean too. I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did. As always, many thanks to the guys from Sakugara Scanlations, particularly Dante, whom I had to ask for help a few times during the release of this chapter.

You can either download it from my mediafire link or from Sakugara’s IRC by typing !SnS23 in the chatbox.

Credits: Tashi (TL), Steenuil (Cleans and TS), Dante (QC)

Chapter 21 feat. Sakugara Scans

Thanks to the helpful help of two guys from the Sakugara Movement the 21st chapter is completed, and this time it comes with better translation quality! (so that means no more sidenotes complaining about how fucking incapacitated the indian translator was)

So here it is, featuring Tashi (TL) and Serghar (Editor) from Sakugara scans, chapter 21 is finally out and it’s ready for download.

You can also download it from their IRC by typing !sns21 in the chatbox if you fancy.

Sora no Shita Yane no Naka chapter 19

Another long pause. There’s been a lot of shit going on these two weeks between my computer being broken, the Steam sales and real life shit. There will also be a delay for the next release, but the important thing is that the 19th chapter is finally done.

As usual, sorry for the quality of the translations. I’ll try to find one with a better grasp of the english language for my next project.

So yeah, download here.